Lenders and mortgage servicers nationwide have either slowed or ceased foreclosure activities due to what has commonly been termed, “Robo-signing.” These activities involved affidavits necessary to complete a foreclosure that were signed without prior review by authorized personnel. As a result of litigation arising from robo-signed documents in Florida, foreclosure “bad acts,” and other industry-wide […]

Veteran borrowers who are called up to active duty may be able to request relief pursuant to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). SCRA is intended to ease the economic and legal burdens on military personnel during their active service.  In order to qualify for certain protections available under the Act, the borrower must request protection under the Act, and […]

FTC ruling attempts to stop all of the home owner relief scams. No more collecting advanced fees! Great news for home owners experiencing a mortgage crisis.

National Real Estate Law Group’s process on FHA Pre-Foreclosure (short sales). Stay informed and stay ahead of the process with the support you need to short sell your FHA financed home.

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