Colorado – SUBMIT Initial Case

Use of this form is ONLY FOR NEW FILES, not previously submitted.
This must be COMPLETE or the form will not submit.

Submitting a new short sale case to us is now simpler then ever.  Prior to starting you will want to gather some documents and information.  Once you have everything that is needed you can return to this page and select the ‘Continue’ button below to start your submission.

Estimated time to complete this form: 45 minutes
Who completes this form: Listing Agent / Home Owner / or Together

Forms for upload must be in PDF format.

Please review our Preparing our Documents page for details on getting your papers in order.

Working in the Live form will only allow you to progress one section at a time through the four total sections. For reference on what questions will be asked please view the screen shots below. Please reference these screen shots as they are here to help you gather a complete file BEFORE you sit down to submit.

Initial Submission Screen Shots-

Required Information for Submission

Initial Information Screen – Section 1 of 4

  • Listing Realtor Information
    • Name. Broker, Business Address
    • Cell, email address
  • Home Owner Information (all owners on loan)
    • Social Security #, Property and Living Address
    • Cell, email address

Mortgage Information – Section 2 of 4

  • Mortgage Lender Information
    • 1st mortgage & 2nd mortgage (if applicable)
    • Lender name, loan number
    • Balance Owed, current monthly payment
    • Last payment date
  • Foreclosure Status
    • Auction sale date status
    • Trustee information (attorney managing the foreclosure – if in process)
      • Name, Address, Phone #
  • Bankruptcy Filing
    • If filed, current status, type, case number
Title Company / Report – Section 3 of 4

  • Title Company, Name, Address, Contact, Phone & Email
  • Property tax details
  • HOA dues details
  • Condo dues details

Required Documents to Upload – Section 4 of 4

  • NRELG Law Firm Engagement Letter
  • Authorization to Release Information
    • Mortgage Lien 1 & Mortgage Lien 2 (if applicable)
  • Hardship Letter, signed and dated
  • Mortgage Statement for all Liens (most recent available)
  • Financial Information Form, signed and dated
  • 1099′s, W-2′s and or K-1 statements – Last 2 years
  • Current Profit and Loss, if self employed
  • Federal Tax Filing (FULL) – Last 2 years
  • Paystubs – 3 most recent
  • Bank statements – 3 most recent months on all accounts
  • TITLE REPORT, Current Owner Bring Down

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