Preparing Your Documents

Submitting documents to use is fairly simple.  We require that all the documents be in PDF format.  If you have loose papers or different types of documents, for example a WORD document file, you will need to do a little work up front.

Convert Documents to PDF for Upload

Prior to uploading documents to us they will need to be on your local computer.  If you have loose documents, they will need to be scanned

Converting notes:

If you have WORD or other format for these documents on your computer they need to be converted to PDF format prior to upload.  There are several options.

Please note the links above are samples only.  There are many similar options out there for your use.  Please take care when visiting any web site online.  Always maintain current antivirus protection and use your head when using free services.

Scanning notes:

  • Output must be PDF (no tiff, jpg, jpeg or other formats accepted).
  • Resolution should be at a minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch), 400 dpi preferred.
  • Scan documents individually not as one large file.
    • Please scan all common documents as one file.  For example, two months of bank statements should be scanned as one file.  Make certain pages are in order.
    • Tax forms are combined as one large file.  But the W-2’s, 1099’s, K-1’s, etcetera are scanned together but separate from the tax forms.
  • Options if you do not have access to a scanner
    • Visit a local FedEx/Kinko’s (now called FedEx Office), for use of their scanning services
    • Fax the documents using S.Fine resolution setting to an efax number that the end user is receiving in PDF format.

Adobe Reader is a free download for viewing PDF documents but will not convert your files as described above.  If you need the FREE Adobe Reader you can download it at

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